Linde's new cd "I Am Here" is out now and can be ordered here or online and in shops.

Linde's 2016 Spring tour in Germany and The Netherlands has started!

hear the second track of the new album "Ocean Gypsy":

some recent quotes on 'I Am Here'

Living Tradition: "A very accomplished album"

Folk Radio UK: "A thoroughly refreshing album"

Fatea Showcases: "A gorgeous album from start to finish, with Linde's sublime vocals gliding over a beautifully understated musical backdrop"

Allan Taylor: "The arrangements, the playing, the singing are all first class"

Heaven: "Een betere folkzangeres dan Linde Nijland is in Nederland niet te vinden en zelfs in het buitenland zal je naarstig moeten zoeken"

8weekly: "Overtreffende trap"

Folkforum: "Linde Nijland is er en dat mag de wereld weten"

Leeuwarder Courant: "Rustieke, akoestische folk, fraai gezongen, vlekkeloos gespeeld"

Folk Lantern: "I Am Here kan zonder meer tot de allermooiste releases van 2014 gerekend worden"